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Core competencies:


  • Resource allocation:

    • Decisions about the allocation of resources are often the most contentious problems an organization faces.  The best resourcing decisions are made when leaders receive quality information that provides them sound alternatives with trade-off and risk analysis.

    • Our team has years of experience building analytic tools that provide a sound collaborative methodology so decision makers know the impact and risks involved with their decisions.   A2S developed the Suite of Resource Models (STORM) for the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) to help them make resource allocation decisions for their ~$40 BIL program.

    • STORM is the primary analytic tool set that USSOCOM relies on to build their annual Program Objective Memorandum (POM) for submission to the Secretary of Defense for the President’s Budget.

    • In 2011, USSOCOM presented our team with the award for “Outstanding Contribution in Automation and Technology” for our analytic efforts in building the tools needed to help the command solve resource allocation problems.

  • Optimization:

    • Optimization involves determining the best possible solution under a given set of conditions or constraints.  

    • The analysts at A2S are experts at developing customized optimization models for our customers.  We developed the ‘Jackhammer’ optimization model used by USSOCOM which recommends which Military Construction (MILCON) Projects the command programs for funding each year.  Project requests from each of USSOCOM’s components (USASOC, AFSOC, NAVSPECWARCOM, JSOC, and MARSOC) are entered into the model.  It recommends the best portfolio of projects to meet the command’s mission while remaining under budget constraints.

  • Prioritization (Value-Focused Thinking, VFT):

    • VFT is a problem solving methodology that leads to better strategic decisions about resource allocation, capability-based planning, evaluation of alternatives, and system design.  VFT begins with the identification of your organization’s objectives and then quantifies the attributes of these objectives using value models.   This analytic technique often leads to new and better alternatives for the decision-maker.   

    • As mentioned above, the A2S team developed the Suite of Resource Models (STORM) for USSOCOM.  Within STORM, VFT models are critical tools for prioritizing USSOCOM’s programs that allow the organization to accomplish its mission.














  • Simulation:

    • Effective simulation tests a given method, structure or alternative hundreds or thousands of times in a cost effective manner and provides probabilistic confidence intervals to decision makers.

    • The A2S team has experience using simulation programs such as Arena and STELLA.  Additionally, the team has developed discrete event simulations to orchestrate resource allocation over time given mission demands and resource limitations providing risk trade-offs for senior leaders at USSOCOM. 

  • Wargaming:

    • The A2S team has its most recent experience conducting Wargames at both USSOCOM and at DIA.  

    • A2S has the capability to conduct classic role play wargaming with Blue, Red, Green and White cells responding to a Master Scenario Events List (MESL) and its foundational scenario.

    • Additionally, A2S is well-versed in executing Senior Leader Seminars (SLS) supported by a series of subject matter expert driven design workshops that substitute for the typical wargame cells.  In the SLS, executives grapple with critical questions, key insights, challenges and opportunities that surfaced throughout the preparatory design workshops.