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A2S International helps organizations gain Competitive Advantage through:

Strategic Design

Creating Strategic Understanding and Competitive Advantage

We help organizations and senior executives:

  • Make sense of complex, ill-structured, messy problems

  • Understand geopolitical & socioeconomic systems, regional conditions and trends

  • Understand alternative perspectives

  • Consider future potential situations and trending

  • Develop innovative solutions leading to strategic advantage

Our multi-disciplinary problem solving approach effectively blends:

  1. Systems thinking

  2. Design methodologies

  3. Visual thinking

  4. Group discourse / collaborative inquiry

  5. Critical and creative thinking



A Structured Analytic Approach to Investigate Study Issues in pursuit of a Study Objective

A2S has significant experience conducting organized analytic assessments and evaluations in support of policy development, decision-making, management, and administration.

These studies often focus on:

  • Concept, capability, or requirement development (e.g., Capabilities-based Assessments)

  • Acquisition activity (e.g., an Analysis of Alternatives)

  • Resource allocation strategy and programming (e.g., The Department of Defense's Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution [PPBE] process)

A2S can provide a wide variety of study products ranging from short-term simplistic single-variable studies to complex studies requiring an advisory group, a robust team of analysts, and relevant analytic tools (e.g, simulation, mathematical modeling, or experimentation) to underpin study issues, objectives, and results.


Leveraging Mathematical Techniques to Gain Efficiencies


A2S has experience implementing a wide-range of analytic approaches in support of decision-analysis and decision-support for leaders primarily in the Department of Defense.

Core competencies:


  • Resource allocation

  • Optimization

  • Prioritization

    • Value-Focused Thinking (VFT)

  • Simulation

  • Wargaming